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Ocean Seacrest
Escudo Watch: The Perfect Companion for Modern Explorers

Stand out timepieces

Escudo wristwatches are stunning timepieces designed for the modern adventurer who appreciates both style and functionality. A wristwatch by Escudo is more than just a watch, it's an expression of the adventurous soul that's ready to conquer the depths of the ocean or navigate the world's highest peaks.


The Builders of Escudo

Our watches are conceived, designed and developed in the United Kingdom and Portugal, using Industry best Swiss-made movements, and collaborating with quality watch manufacturers from the UK and Switzerland. The final assembly is carried out in Winchester England. Each and every Escudo watch is built with the highest standards of quality craftmanship, attention to detail and care.

Simon Correia and Richard Johnson, watch collectors and enthusiasts were inspired by the courage of the early Portuguese & British explorers. They, like those early pioneers, felt an urge to do something different and bold. They did not just want to build any watch, rather they wanted to build timepieces that are as timeless as the very stories that inspired their creation. Watches worthy of the name Escudo. Simon and Richard are working daily on developing a range of watches that will support and ultimately encompass all avenues of modern adventure.