Our Community Ambassador

Our Community Ambassador
Today, Escudo Watches announces an extraordinary relationship with the distinguished Tiago Lousa of Portugal.

An emerging brand in the watch world, Escudo Watches (London, England & Lisbon, Portugal) produces watches and accessories that complement a sporting lifestyle and a distinguished, luxurious style.

Escudos' passion for Portugal sits at the 12 o'clock position badge as the colors of our heritage flag adorn the marker. The connection to the sport and sporting lifestyle community is within our shield representing a mindset. A mindset like Tiago Louisa's is to innovate, imagine, and push boundaries to create a bolder, brighter future for everyone, not just in Portugal but around the globe.

The partnership will feature Tiago wearing Escudo watches as he prepares himself to elite-level endurance and hybrid competitions, like Ironman, Spartan Races, and Hyrox, and while conducting high-level sports training of others. Additionally, Escudo will soon be featuring on its global media accounts content featuring Tiago showing and sharing how "we" can get up and get moving within our busy working lives.

As sport does not stop.

Tiago joins a very exclusive group of athletes, including Portugal's own José Fonte, who recently announced his homecoming to Braga Sporting Club.

For more information, please visit Escudo-watches.com.