Former professional footballer, Portuguese defender, BTV analyst, and emerging men's model Josè Soares joins the family.

Escudo Watches

Today, Escudo Watches is announcing a unique relationship with former professional footballer, Portuguese defender, BTV analyst, and emerging men's model Josè Soares. 

Escudo Watches (London, England & Lisbon, Portugal)  produces watches and accessories that compliment the sporting lifestyle with a distinguished, luxurious style; the watches are rugged yet dependable. Escudo's first lineup, a 39mm sport and dive watch, is called “The Ocean Seacrest.” It is a love letter to Portugal, and beautiful and strong. 

Escudo wins again by connecting to the rich winning heritage of past footballers who now connect and unify the communities around them.  By creating these winning partnerships, Escudo illustrates its commitment to the shield to innovate, imagine, and push boundaries to create a bolder, brighter future for everyone, not just in Portugal but around the globe. 

Josè Soares was a  6’1’ 14 plus-year veteran who played for several clubs worldwide, predominantly for SL Benfica.  During his travels, he earned quite the name as a no-nonsense, hard-nosed physical defender. That passion led him to be selected to the national team U17 to U20, culminating in a third-place finish in the U20 World Cup in Qatar. This robust experience can be seen in his commentary for BTV as he speaks from experience about the next generation of football stars. 

Escudo Watches' partnership with Josè will feature him wearing the Escudo watches as he embraces the next chapters of his life. Additionally, Escudo will feature him on its global media accounts, advertising, and select opportunities at special events within Portugal. 

Josè joins a very exclusive group of athletes, including Portugal's own José Fonte, who is currently in the middle of his first campaign with Braga FC.