Strategic Partnership between Escudo Watches and Marta Valle Real Estate Group

Escudo Watches
Escudo Watches is proud to announce our recent partnership with Marta Valle Real Estate Group. This partnership signifies a strategic alignment between luxury timepieces and premium real estate services, catering to discerning clients seeking high-quality products and experiences.

By joining forces, Escudo Watches and Marta Valle Real Estate Group have the opportunity to tap into each other's customer base and enhance our value proposition. With luxury timepieces often seen as a symbol of success and status, and premium real estate services representing a significant investment in lifestyle and wealth management, the partnership between our two brands creates a powerful narrative of sophistication and exclusivity.

Both Escudo Watches and Marta Valle are synonymous with excellence in our respective fields, and this collaboration further solidifies our commitment to providing unparalleled quality and service to our clients.

As part of our exciting collaboration, we are thrilled to announce that every buyer of a luxurious high-value property through our partnership will receive an exclusive Escudo Watch as a token of appreciation in their post-sale gift basket. This timepiece, crafted with precision and elegance, will serve as a cherished memento of the milestone achieved in acquiring your dream property.